Movement is in us. 

It is in our breath, in our heartbeat. 

It is the blood flowing through the body.

It is in our gaze, our touch.

It is the imagery appearing in our mind.

The sound vibrating on our skin.

The thoughts rising and falling in space.

We live in movement,  

movement is dance.

We live in dance.


I started sharing Qi Gong because of my friend's request. They saw me dance, and became fascinated why I move this way. 

I studied with a Qi Gong master in my hometown in Taiwan for over 10 year, and I fell in love with the practice. It is the door that opens to the world of movement, healing, meditation and dance for me. It has taken me on a journey to discovering who I am, how to live, and how to share with the world.

What is Qi 氣?

Qi is energy. Qi Gong in Chinese means to cultivate energy. But the secret is, that it is always there, we don't need to "do" much to acquire it. We simply reconnect to what is already in us again and again.

The nature in us

We can reconnect to Qi by relaxing our mind and body. When we are not doing too much to ourselves, the subtle energy in us becomes free to flow. This is the nature in us. It is naturally healing to the mind and body. 

Meditation in movement

When the mind and body are relaxed, there is space. When there is space, energy flows. When movement naturally settles, there is stillness. In stillness, there is space.

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