3-day workshop for Teachers in Nepal

The life of a teacher can be the most fulfilling but at the same time busy and stressful sometimes. Teachers spend so much energy mentally and physically teaching the students, it is important to take care of the teachers’ mind and body as well. There are many ways to do so. Here, we use Qi Gong as a way to rejuvenate ourselves. It is a very relaxing practice but with a clear attention: Health---- the well being of both the mind and body. When the mind and body are more relaxed and balanced, emotional stress is reduced naturally. There would be less physical tension or tiredness. And there is naturally more joy and flow of energy in daily life. I hope through the simple practice of Qi Gong, teachers can benefit themselves, and through this “health”, benefit their students.

In these workshops we will introduce Qi Gong and learn very simple exercises that are easy to remember so the teachers can repeat and continue to practice themselves.

(Each workshop is 1 hour)



Day 1 - Introduction

What is Qi Gong? Qi Gong literally means the cultivation of energy. And energy here means the force of life.

In Qi Gong practice, we use very simple movements to reconnect to our mind and body, and more subtly connect to our Qi. Doing so, we can relax deeply, bring more awareness in mind and rejuvenate ourselves.


·      Sensing Qi

·      Swinging

·      Looking into the sky and earth

·      Turning the sky and earth

·      Breathing from Dan Tian



Day 2 - Drumming

The human body is like an instrument, a living instrument.

Now we “drum” the body with our hands. The hands are also a part of the instrument.

The vibration in drumming creates space in the fleshes and bones. With space, the subtle energy of life that is already there in us can flow naturally. It penetrates the body even on the molecular level.


·      Drumming systematically

I received this teaching from my Qi Gong master in Taiwan. In each session we always begin with drumming. Drumming systematically is like revisiting and getting in touch with the body again. We follow the pathway of energy channels, going through the entire body. Through drumming, we wake up the energy. Through the vibration in the drumming, we unblock the pathways and allow the natural energy to travel smoothly.

·      Improvisational drumming



Day 3 - Review

We will review what we have learned in the last 2 days.

One of the keys in practicing Qi Gong is familiarization. When we are more familiar, our minds can relax more into the movement, we are more open to sensing what’s happening with the body.