Every Sunday morning 10:30-11:30

Qi Gong in London Fields

Starting 23rd September, there will be regular Qi Gong sessions held in the park in London. It is an open class and the cost of each session is £5.

The main practice is Lotus Qi Gong, a very gentle and structured movement practice that allows us to reconnect and nurture our natural energy. We will learn how to enter the practice and how to apply the practice in daily life. We will experience the connection between a relaxed body and a spacious open mind. Every week there will be a routine practice in the first half of the session. In the second half, we will build on from what we have learned.

We will meet in the park: between the Lido and the Pub On The Park by the trees. If the weather is not good then we will move to Claire's place: 21D Ellingfort Road. You can contact me 07378315054 or Claire 07595226331 if you can't find us.

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Please come and join us. And you are welcome to invite friends to come together!



July 7-18

Qi Gong: moving meditation

Daily workshops at Notafe international dance festival in Viljandi, Estonia.

We will be going through a simple movement routine everyday to activate our Dan Tian (energy centers) as well as to open the channels and meridians, this includes a tapping / drumming exercise which helps us reconnect to our tissues, relax the mind and body and allow the subtle energy to flow naturally. The routine movements originate from ‘Tai Chi rejuvenating practice (太極返還功)‘ and 'Lotus Qi Gong (蓮花養氣功)', both emphasize nurturing and cultivating Qi through gentle movements and mental imagery.

We will learn new movements and revisit old movements everyday to gain familiarity, through that, settle our mind into deeper awareness. The sessions give you a taste of how the mind and body work inseparably in creating a healthy state of being. It also aims to prepare you to be able to go home and continue practicing yourself.

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August 5-9

The Art of Moving and Stillness

A 5-day retreat of movement practice and Qi Gong, at Matsalu Creative Space at Matsalu National Park, Estonia

Set in the beautiful Matsalu, a peaceful environment in nature that supports one looking inwards within oneself, to work with both the mind and the body through movement and meditation practices.

The movement sessions offer traditional forms of Qi Gong as well as creative and physical tools that allow us to tune into the body, to relax, to release the tensions, to listen to the body‘s intuition, to heal, to express ourselves authentically and to better connect with the world around us. These practices deepen our awareness as we live and move through life.

The meditation sessions will give you an introduction to basic meditation practices. We will also discuss why meditation is important and what it actually really is about. We will see how meditation practice can help us in everyday life and we will take time to practice so that we would have an idea how to meditate after we leave.

During the retreat silence will be the default mode. If you feel it will be more meaningful to talk in a mindful way and you have a willing partner, you are welcome to take a walk and talk. But in general the few days are an environment to rest from all the chit chats and to really learn to notice oneself more. This is best done while being mostly silent.

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June 4-8, 19-23

Qi Gong

Everyday 11 A.M. at London Fields (between the Lido and the pub in the park by the trees), U.K.

By donation. No registration needed, just come!


July 8 - 14

Qi Gong

Daily workshops at Notafe international dance festival in Viljandi, Estonia.

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July 14 - 30

Qi Gong

Morning and afternoon Qi Gong classes, a part of a meditation retreat in Männiku Metsatalu near Viljandi, Estonia.

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創造性身體藝術工作坊 Creative Movement and Dance in Taiwan

親子 Parents and children (age 2-5) workshops:

  • 5 May: 奇形怪狀的家 Space of the Body / Space of Home

  • 19 May: 創意指揮家 Creative Conductor

  • 26 May: 移動與軌跡 Movements and Traces

兒童 Children (age 6-9) workshops:

  • 19 May: 小小大師畢卡索 Little Picasso

  • 26 May: 魔法種子 Magical Seed

To register, please contact Season Arts Kindergarten:


December 21 - January 4

Movement Drawings

Daily creative movement workshop at Vana retreat.


November 5

Dialogue with the Body

Qi Gong, creative movement and dance workshop in Singapore.

Online registration:


September 8 - 30


地點:Bonheur Yoga 台中市南區正義街21號(近台中火車站)



機會之舞 9/8、13

音聲之舞 9/9

編自己的舞I 9/29

編自己的舞II 9/30


July 15 - 30  

Qi Gong

Morning and afternoon Qi Gong classes as a part of a Buddhist meditation retreat in Männiku Metsatalu near Viljandi, Estonia.


July 7 - 14  

Qi Gong

Daily classes and workshop in Notafe international dance festival in Viljandi, Estonia.

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