Moving in slow motion / by Hsuan-Hsiu Hung

Arrive at one. Fast.

There is a mental image of one.

You don't think about how to get there because there is not enough time.


But now,

in arriving one, 

One, is divided into 10 more smaller moments.

Like in a movie, 

at a normal speed, the camera shoots 12 frames of images in one second,

but in slow motion, the camera shoots 24 or 36 images in one second.

When playing, the slow motions frames reveal the delicate moments in between seconds that the eyes can not capture.

In dancing, the dancer creates those delicate moments in their mind, like a map, of the movement path. Each frame is an arrival of its own. All together they create a rich and fullness of a dance.

How do you travel through space?

Even with a short amount of time, there is always a traveling process, with so many delicate moments in between. When this is a practice, become familiar with those moments in between, because they are the flesh and the body of your dance. Until the familiarity is a part of you, grown into your being, into your awareness, dance in slow motion in your mind.

Then let go, and enjoy.