Listening to your being / by Hsuan-Hsiu Hung

Who am I?

Why am I here?


You are very special, there is only ONE of you in the whole world. The way you look, the colour of your skin, your face, expressions, your voice, your words, your body shape, your bones, flesh, your way of moving, your rhythms, your thoughts, your personal history, your hopes, aspirations.... You can not find another you that is exactly the same.

Consider everything of you is made specially for you. It is like a space shuttle, equipped with very sophisticated mechanics in order for you to function in space travel, to perform the task you are design to do.

Understand who you are, what you are designed for, is the purpose of life.  Nothing of you is a coincidence. You just need to put the pieces together and see a bigger picture of yourself. 

Try many things, make mistakes, so you truly understand what works and not works with your mechanics. Even try doing what other people are doing, just to see how impossible to be someone else, so you believe in finding who you really are.

Everyone is special.